i was just browsing my niu export archive and stumbled upon this boost.. it was a looong time ago!

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such cozy weather, strong wind and clouds

whining about people 

they don't have to think about real use cases bc the alternative system will never be implemented or widely used. so it can be perfect in its theoretical simplicity! it's easy when there're no users who would want this alternative system to solve their issues. and if there are potential users who're curious about how such a system would work for their use case, you can just tell them that what they're trying to do is unnecessary and doesn't have to be supported!

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whining about people 

ugh, arrogant people tricking others into accepting their hot (and borderline conspiracy theory) takes as something obvious. all you need is confidence and you can convince people that everything others do is bad (or even worse, it's bad on purpose!) and the only correct option is to throw everything away and start a completely different system from scratch.

my home timeline is v v slow, and it used to be hard to keep up with. (not that i'm trying to rn, i've been busy with other things..) and i don't receive as many replies anymore..

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fediverse is so much less active than it was a few months ago :(

or is it only my circles?

how do i get this light bulb out of there? two of them went out, i was able to unscrew one, but not the other. there's too little of it sticking out, i have nothing to hold onto!

this year is getting more and more 2020 with each day

storm's coming! ⛈

at least the sky looks like it is, but it could be like my cat who makes it seem like she'll jump and attack any moment now and never does

clouds are so close to ground and so beautiful!

slightly pol-adjacent 

tfw the united kingdom isn't particularly united and great britain isn't that great

a weird idea: alternative mastodon/pleroma interface in which you can't post text, but you can draw and post doodles (and mention other users in them). your timelines only display such doodles. you only receive notifications for interactions with your doodles and for doodles that mention you.

i could do that, but it's most likely that no one would use it..

what's plural of "karen"? it seems like most people say "karen's", but that sounds incorrect..

so good to wake up and not immediately remember what you were doing / thinking about before you fell asleep. i feel much more well-rested when this is the case!

it's funny how my swimsuit (which looks like a one-piece) covers more of my skin than clothes i wear to work

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