First time using mastodon. Hi I'm Leah, founder of the Libreboot project, a popular free software project that implements boot firmware based on coreboot.

@libreleah You're welcome. You're firmware are cool

@libreleah Thank you for coming to mastadon and even more thank you for libreboot :D I know in the fediverse there are trolls like tiwtter but it might be a little harder to control... anyway I am a real human from Canada that really appreciates your work and your coming to Mastadon. I have droooled over libreboot since linux bios times so it really is a great honor to know of you and respond on this extra cool network.

@libreleah do you want to see photos of my libreboot t400 endevours ?
it's like your babies cousin project from a newb.

@libreleah Welcome Leah! I just read your post[1]. Breath of fresh air! Thank you for writing it, and I look forward to your upcoming release

@libreleah no my bad, I think it is the real account - I remember it being linked on irc

@footjamfan I'm *a* Leah, but I'm no more or less real than any other Leah.

Will the *real* Leah please stand up?

All the other Leah's are just immitating

@footjamfan I think I'll just make a page on A contact page. It will list @libreleah on it as being me. That way, you can know that this account belongs to me, the real Leah Rowe of Libreboot.

@libreleah It's great to see you here! I'm a big fan of the LibreBoot project. Thank you so much for your hard work on it. 😃

Welcome to the Fediverse!
You seem to be a free speech oriented person from what I know of you. Have you looked at the "moderated servers" page of You'll find a lot listed there without any reason given, including the server I have my other account on,, despite to my knowledge not having any racist, sexist or otherwise shitty people on it. This means that you can't see any posts from anyone on any of those instances, even if you want to.

If you don't like that, I recommend making an account with a more liberal instance, such as (Mastodon) or (Pleroma). Those instances still moderate bad behaviour, they just apply a more liberal approach to instance blocking.

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