@libreleah This is kinda what I always hate about media and how most people think.
I saw the petition *against* RMS first and honestly couldn't believe it, so I looked into it and read the story from the other side as well which led me to the conclusion the accusations were false.

People should really take more diligence into hearing a story from both sides before coming up with rash conclusions, *especially* when basically someone's entire career is at stake.

@libreleah Nice written. So many people don't relate to gnu/fsf in any way for some reason, but care about removing Stallman. Thats really weird.

Btw thanks for selling me a libreboot'ed thinkpad and welcome back to fediverse.

@libreleah nah, rms can defend himself, he clearly knows how to type shitposts into emacs.

he didn't do anything wrong (publicly, he is an utter creep in private) but he is also a total shit leader who should not be in any position of leadership.

I won't comment too much on the RMS situation.
The only thing I will say is this:

Booting the previous contributors from libreboot in the manner you did was a dick move. Sure, they weren't contributing much, but the least you could've done was give them a heads up.

The open source community is built on goodwill, and your actions run contrary to that principle.


I am so incredibly impressed with this Leah :D I am sorry if I mispelled your name in some posting somewhere.

You earn trust in a thoughtful crowd.

RMS situation really reminds me certain kinds of "political work" that were done in old Soviet Union. Like they need to complete their 5 year plan on removing evil people and so they found a good target and they hope nobody gonna pay attention to details as long everyone works on "punishing" "evil". And if he's removed from his meaningless position everyone will get warm fuzzy feeling that good prevailed.
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