Excellent news! RMS now officially has the full support of the FSF. Until now, the FSF has been silent on the matter of his return.

The Free Software Foundation has now made an official statement regarding Richard Stallman's return to the board of directors:

RMS made a separate statement:

I hope we can all move on past the divisive, hateful politics of recent weeks.

@libreleah Will I ever...
This is awesome "gnus" !

Now that they committed themselves to RMS I'm ready to be a paying member of the FSF.
:rms: + :fsf: = Ryo-💵

@libreleah I'm not sure why this is supposed to be excellent news, as it seems that the FSF depends on Stallman as well as failed to reinvent itself in the past 2 years but sure, let's move on.

There is no point in riding a dead horse.

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