I have registered a domain name. I won't link it yet because I need to build the website. I intend to warn people about the split happening within GNU, warn people against the surging influence of 1984 source, and warn people against the danger of CoCs in free software projects.

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@libreleah I read your messages earlier today in freenode/free-rms.

The "show me the code" movement, the domain (I won't spoil it here), and "write the code. review the code. merge the code. release the code!" are all great paths towards a restoration of merit and sense of community both in GNU/FSF and FOSS as a whole.

The idea of using a variable standard when dealing with people within a project vs. those external to it (the latter tending to be the CoC pedants) is also spot on. :rms:

@oedmarap Thank you for your support. You pretty much got the gist of it.

The free software movement that existed when I was a teenager, I want that back. I want free software projects to focus on just pumping lines of code into their git repositories!

Leave the politics out of it. The only politics that matter are: GNU-style free software ideology everywhere, bringing about a world where everyone can use a computer in freedom.

Just write the code.

And for the love of god: abolition of CoCs

@libreleah GNU is in and of itself a political movement, and Free Software is a political statement. You can't "leave the politics out of it", because otherwise there'll be nothing left.

Free software is not about "just" writing the code, it's about writing the code and releasing it and supporting it according to some guiding principles, those principles being the four freedoms. And that already is politics. Those four freedoms are also enforced by a legally binding document such as GNU GPL set of licenses. Which is further political, because it is a way to employ the power of the state to support the freedoms we care about.

So... Yeah. Leaving politics out of much anything human is tricky.

Also, not all codes of conduct are created equal. Some are stricter, some may be intentionally loose. Even FIDO (the telephone-based free network of yore) had its own common policy document. IMO, it should be about not letting saboteurs, impostors and assholes write your rules really.


@libreleah Having said all that, I support your effort, keep it on!


@drq @libreleah @oedmarap
So it should be not about leaving politics but about dropping dirty tricks used by lazy and incompetent politicians.

@libreleah First time I (not FSF/GNU affiliated, only Apache) hear about "forking"... Do you have any link to what the issues/problems/controversy are?

@libreleah I would love to contribute to something like this, especially to warn people about “ethical-source”.

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