GNU/Linux is stupid.

Say GNU+Linux

+ means and
/ means or

wtf is the / for.

the / is why most people call it linux, because "foo/bar" means "foo or bar" but then, people think foo and bar are the same thing. and linux is easier to pronounce than GNU so people say linux

if you say GNU+Linux, people can see clearly that it's *2* different things side by side, so they're more likely to say GNU as a component of the core operating system that is GNU+Linux

reject /. embrace the +. + is life

@libreleah or reject gnu because the bulk of the software under its umbrella is crap :honk:

@libreleah or GNU.Linux as in the PHP string concatenation operator 😀

@libreleah I used GNU/Linux just because that's how I saw it elsewhere, but I think you have a point. Let's use GNU+Linux then. :)

@libreleah / is path separator. And means: GNU OS has Linux kernel inside, like file in directory

@termonoid yeah posix. it still doesn't really make sense, but then by posix logic, it'd be linux/gnu, because linux boots first (at bootloader stage) and then loads the GNU system

@libreleah that's how i see "GNU/Linux" and "GNU+Linux".

IMHO, the best solution is writing as absolute path - /GNU/Linux :D

@libreleah let's do this like democracy :D

Fediverse, it's time to choose one!

@termonoid @libreleah i just say linux tbh because its easier to say and type B)

@termonoid @libreleah I am of the opinion that important non-GNU non-Linux software aren't being credited enough so I vote for `pacman -Q`
Or `dpkg -l`
Or `rpm -qa`


interesting, I'd never thought of the slash in GNU/Linux in filesystem terms. I always thought of it as GNU with Linux underneath, which is IMHO a very accurate description. I like GNU+Linux too, for other reasons, but it becomes a bit of an ironic mess with GNU+Linux-libre :-D

wtf is the / for.

@libreleah The FAQ on the name explains it as follows:

We’re talking about a version of GNU, the operating system, distinguished by having Linux as the kernel. A slash fits the situation because it means “combination.” (Think of “Input/Output”.) This system is the combination of GNU and Linux; hence, “GNU/Linux”.

@libreleah if it's this complicated now... imma just use Alpine Linux then.

@libreleah I don't see the difference. it's all very abstract. I just call my system Linux. because the OS is Linux. the rest is some software. it's open source, but not necessarily GNU. there're thousands of projects and there's no sense in listing them all with slash just to mention they're somehow used.

@libreleah or, you know, we could use GNU Linux, as GNU favor of same old Linux.

@EffToyz well, there's GNU Linux-libre

Linux-libre is the deblobbed version of Linux, and it's a part of GNU.

@libreleah I find when talking to people the kernel makes a far bigger difference compared to the userland. A userland can be changed around, have multiple installed, or have no GNU at all. It's far easier to just say "Linux" and clarify what userland it is when it's relevant.
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