I'm postponing my work on panbash and savegnu sites; I have to get my company back operational again. I kept it offline during my time on the pro-RMS stuff.

I'm gonna bring my laptops in stock and sell for a week or so. Stay tuned. I'm actually making improvements to the shop.

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Gonna spend some time on *me*. And no, not Intel ME. Well, I'm going to spend time on that too ;)

I've spent 1 month on other people and it's time I focus on myself. Don't worry, I *will* return. Just putting this tweet out there in case people think I'm dead (I'm not).

uh btw this is mastodon, not twitter lol. i copied that from my twitter, that's why it says "tweet". i meant to say toot

i have a twitter account aswell as mastodon. though in the ~6 weeks i've used mastodon, i really love it. i consider it my home

@meowski @libreleah
> finally go to this mastodon thing
> its niu
> half the posts in timeline are about pleroma
> niu dies
> go to this pleroma thing
> 1/10th of the posts are about misskey

@icedquinn @libreleah misskey has some neat features but it seems to nag you a lot. pleroma just works and isn't a resource hog
@icedquinn @meowski @libreleah Now you have an idea of my route that went about like this: GnuSocial->Friendica->Mastodon->Pleroma
@lanodan @icedquinn @libreleah @meowski I went GnuSocial -> diaspora -> Mastodon -> Pleroma and haven't looked back at any of them :blobcatsip:

Though misskey looks really damn nice but also really damn heavy. I just want a Pleroma FE with a similar UI
@amolith @lanodan @icedquinn @libreleah @meowski I like soapbox a lot honestly. I would not have chosen Pleroma if it meant using the default UI

@icedquinn @meowski

i'm always late to the party. i'm an oldschool debian user but apparently arch is much better nowadays and everyone is ranting about that

i think i'll stick to mastodon. pleroma users can view my mastodon page if i'm not mistaken

@libreleah Thanks very much for what you've been doing over the past month or so. That was very important.

What works best for each person in terms of managing time and energy across projects / work / etc is different I think. I hope you are more or less in control of that. All the best with the company and everything else too! :)

@zleap i mean, it's a post i made that can be abbreviated to "meh, fuck this" but thank you for the boost :)

i was just letting people know i'm taking a break from recent stuff, because i've been talking a lot about my antics

i'll be back in a week. i want to focus on my company until then. and sell a few machines. the way i work, i only need to operate the company about 10-30% of the time, but I try to do it more often (covid and people in free software going crazy makes this difficult)

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