untrunc is the ****BEST**** software ever. it just saved my ass. everyone: please disregard what I said. I managed to unfuck this MP4 file. see:

it takes another file as reference, with moov atom intact, and uses that to fix your broken mp4 file.

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@libreleah ... wow. As someone who has actually tried doing something similar by hand (I already had half of a reply to your other post about h264, moov boxes, 4-byte length prefixes and how it's probably going to take forever, with only-half-good results), I'm really happy that this tool actually exists :)


if i ever meet the dev, i'm treating that dev to dinner. whatever that dev wants. i owe that person something nice.

i'm so happy right now. i was in the pits of despair. and now my video is fixed. it's fixed! now all i have to do is edit it, and upload it

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