I'm getting my 1st covid vaccine today (Pfizer). I'm 29 and for now they're only vaccinating older people but there's a surplus of vaccines in my area.

I unexpectedly received a text from my GP, offering the jab. It's today! 20 minutes ago I didn't know I'd be vaccinated today.

Naturally, I'm in a celebratory mood.


I am now vaccinated. My 2nd jab is next month.

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@libreleah good for you ! It's good to have that peace of mind :-). I am not going for it unless I am forced to do it. Not because I doubt the efficacy of the vaccine but because I do not go out very often and I live in the sticks. Flu vaccines are next ones which I'm ignoring every year and I am still alive. Let's see how long my immunity will last with Covid ! Again, congrats and I really hope that vaccine will help you fighting this virus.

@libreleah I've made a small infographic about my friend taking sputnik-v vaccine.


Can you tell about vaccine that you've taken and how do you feel after taking it. I'm just curious because it looks like russian vaccine affects "young" people pretty hard.


I was warned I could feel ill, but not all people do. I've felt fine since being vaccinated. No side effects whatsoever.

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