I'm making configuration changes and doing upgrades on libreboot.org so expect some downtime today. I'll try to keep the downtime to a minimum.

I'm making some infrastructure changes.

apt-get dist-upgrade

....aaaaaand imap is the only thing that broke. smtp works great. rsync still works great. http/https still works great. ssh working fine.

debian, you magnificent bastard. after i fix imap, i have to update my name servers.

'tis the way of the


Well I managed to fix imap. Now my email is working!

The HDDs should be replaced soon. It's a RAID1 array. Disks were new 3 years ago. I'm a very conservative person when it comes to sysadmin tasks.

This server upgrade has been a resounding success.

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@neox fuck me, i hate maintaining servers

yes, apparently debian bullseye is frozen now, which means it'll probably be marked stable this year or early next year

@wowaname @neox

i mean, before the upgrade i was manually keeping packages like openssl/openssh and such up to date

i'm considering switching to a rolling release distro like, say, arch, for my servers

i said devuan before but what's the point. i don't care about my init system.

with arch i wouldn't get this sudden shock up updating from really old software. i'd just keep it updated every week or so, and patch things up when necessary. and have the latest software at all times

@libreleah @neox i mean, rolling-release comes with its own issues, but if you can deal with them and you're accustomed to arch already, i guess it doesn't really matter

i was indirectly saying "install gentoo" with the releng comment, gentoo makes it easy to set up a build/staging server, test stuff, and distribute binpkgs to your other hosts

@wowaname @neox

gentoo is nice too. i really don't care in the end, all distros are the same (gentoo's only exception is the source-based aspect, but i probably wouldn't take any advantage of the benefits it offers)

@libreleah @neox yeah its really down to what compromises you are willing to make for the benefits you receive
@libreleah @neox i like harassing people to install gentoo though

@wowaname @neox

well right now i just want my servers to work

my servers work. so i'm happy

i'll probably stay on debian forever. i always have grandiose plans to change everything so that it's perfect, but then i have work to do and before i know it, i'm on oldstable :S

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