KGPE-D16 added to osboot-libre. Won't be long before the new libreboot release!

When the release comes out, osboot-libre and libreboot will be virtually identical. osboot-libre is the libre version of osboot.

After that release, I will immediately update all boards in osboot and osboot-libre, to use the latest coreboot/grub/seabios. osboot will become a rolling release coreboot distro.

Libreboot will focus on stable releases with well-tested (older) coreboot revisions

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You can build osboot-libre now. Use one of the scripts in resources/scripts/build/dependencies/ to install build dependencies (arch or debian based system)

ls resources/coreboot/

Using any of those directory names, do this:

./build boot roms boardnamegoeshere

Make sure to follow this advice first:

osboot-libre is a fork of osboot. it's in the "libre" branch of osbmk.git. i'm basing the new libreboot release off of it

roms appear under bin/

@libreleah Thank you,
sorry for the late reply as I had a fur missile emergency...All cat do not land on their feet..

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