Another happy ThinkPad. This is running Libreboot 20210517 (modified, versus what I plan to release). This laptop belongs to a good friend of mine, who sent it in for flashing.

Yes, it's today. I'm doing finishing touches. It's a testing release, but most machines are... tested!

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@lordrishav this one is a ThinkPad T400. Libreboot has supported it for years.

A friend of mine was having issues and wanted some servicing done to it. Perfect opportunity for me to upgrade said friend to the latest firmware also.

@libreleah Sad that Thinkpads are not that Libreboot friendly these days

@lordrishav There's another project: - it's not completely libre though, on later machines, but it does support newer hardware (with binary blobs, of course).

i actually run the osboot project aswell as libreboot. the libreboot release i'm doing is based on the "libre" branch in the osboot git repository, which is basically libreboot just... named osboot-libre

@lordrishav yeah and sandy/ivybridge machines like thinkpad x230 are 100% free software in coreboot. they do require microcode updates for stable raminit, and Intel ME aswell (but you can neuter that, using me_cleaner, which strips it down heavily).

for all intents and purposes, on Intel land I'd say ivybridge (e.g. x230) is currently the best platform, though it's not supported in libreboot due to Intel ME. Intel ME is a binary blob. neutering it merely makes it "safer to use"

@libreleah I think a better option is buying a System76 laptop. System76 says that use fully open source firmware and also remove Intel ME

@lordrishav nah modern system76 stuff, if intel, is most definitely running intel FSP which is a binary blob that does hardware initialization, and coreboot acts as a "shim" around it. i call it shimboot. though yes, they do neuter the ME (using me_cleaner. anyone can do it)

sandybridge/ivybridge (circa 2012) is the newest libre code platform in coreboot, but (externally to coreboot) you need microcode and intel ME. so in terms of the big picture, older intel hw in libreboot is more libre

@libreleah Indeed, but older laptops will soon become unusable unless you stay in the Command Line 24/7


Well, the same software doing the same tasks doesn't need to do more computations. A coffee drinking hipster running Mac OS decided that software should leak memory left and right, but I say:

My vimrc trumps your visual studio IDE any day.

If anything, we should be spending the time to make software more efficient. Why should I fork out 1000 USD or more for a faster machine that I will ultimately use for the same things I've done on a computer for the last 25 years?

> older laptops will soon become unusable unless you stay in the Command Line 24/7

contrast with modern surveillance devices that are unusable, period :-)
@libreleah I'm curious about how running osboot on an x230 compares to running skulls ( ) without the proprietary VGA BIOS from Intel. I currently run skulls on my x230 and I'm wondering if I'd be benefiting somehow by switching to osboot.


that's the plan. just polishing a few things. around 3-4 PM i'll stop, and just release it, regardless of what state it's in. it's a testing release, not a stable release, and will be declared as such, so i can get away with doing things last minute.

the intention here is to kickstart development (bring in more devs). a proper stable release is expected later this year, with frequent unstable/testing releases in the meantime. today will be the first release (of any kind) in years

@libreleah Can you please test some graphics/opengl stress in the T400? I've had some issues with that since i corebooted my machine. So please test it if possible


the t400 in the photo is all boxed up. remind me later

it should work fine though. also this release sets vram to 352MiB instead of 256MiB like in the last release

if you experience performance issues it could be that. the default in coreboot (upstream) is 32MiB Video RAM, but i set it much higher than that

beyond that: just make sure you have decent thermal paste applied. don't keep using the factory paste

@libreleah I think my issue has somehting to do with libgfxinit or something like that. I'll wait for you to release libreboot and i'll do a gpustress, then i'll tell you how it goes


I did one a few weeks ago actually, it ran fine. I used glmark2. i didn't see any issues (it lagged on some parts, but glmark2 is brutal)

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