@libreleah This is exciting; thank you!

I'm a little nervous to take this plunge on my X200, though. My current 2016 payload is grub and I have an encrypted boot. Would I have any problems if I did seabios_grubfirst? Do I need to do anything special for an upgrade, or do I just run e.g. `flashrom -p internal -c MX25L6405D -w rom`? That wasn't clear.

Considering that I don't have an external flasher, how confident are you in the stability of the X200 builds? Should I let others test first?

@mikegerwitz Hey Mike!

yeah that flashcom command should work fine

if it doesn't, try: -p internal:boardmismatch=force

also, you could add those options to flashrom:

--ifd -i bios

This will avoid overwriting the ifd/gbe regions, if you already have a mac address that you set there. otherwise, without these options, make sure the new rom you're flashing has the default mac address changed to the one you wish to use. see:


seabios_grubfirst or grub should be fine

@libreleah Thanks, Leah. I'll give it a try in the next couple of days when I have a little extra time.

@libreleah Also, it may be good to warn users that a 1.1MiB download expands into 529MiB of ROMs. ;)


oh, yeah. the roms are duplicated for different keymaps that are supported. i use maximum compression settings when doing releases

most of that expanded size is actually 0xFF when you look at the rom in a hex editor. only about 1MiB of space is used in flash! the rest is padding

since all the roms are very similar, it compresses down into a neat little 1.1MiB tar archive ;)

@libreleah Thank you for bringing another #libreboot to us.

Do I understand correctly, that T540p is not supported (due to Intel ME)?



@libreleah ill prob need to buy different hardware right? Ill do that eventually. C:
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