How to get the most out of your X200. Don't merely flash it; upgrade the default boot flash! With 16MiB boot flash, you could easily fit a linux kernel and tiny minimal OS inside initramfs. I'm planning to integrate Linuxboot in Libreboot, in the future.

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@libreleah Excuse my ignorance. Why should a regular user, like me, need/want this little OS inside the boot flash?

Is there any interesting application I might be missing?

Thanks for your time answering!

@txusinho If all you want is GNU+Linux or BSD, the GNU GRUB and SeaBIOS payloads are fine.

Linuxboot is nice because you could have things like network boot, and you could also have full disk encryption (including /boot) with full LUKSv2 support (GRUB can do FDE including /boot/, but its LUKSv2 support is very cursed, so it's still recommended to use LUKSv1 when booting with GRUB). Linuxboot's uroot can also parse grub.cfg files, so it's a drop-in GRUB replacement.


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