What if there was a combined Free Software, OSHW and Right to Repair group, providing ideological leadership in a peer to peer fashion via federated services (including Git-based code hosting) and an emphasis on teaching how to self-host your own federated hosting infrastructure?

@libreleah I think this is a great idea! A lot can be done and achieved through an initiative like this! Count me in \o/

One of the first things that come to my mind is that an effort like this can encompass the conception of free networks / networking freedom too. Let me think about this further.



@lohang In fact, this is one of my main priorities with such a project, and something that the existing organisations don't do, or don't do enough of. It's excluded from the post, because I copied this post from my asinine Twitter page where characters are limited to a lame 280!

As I see it, all the infrastructure and underlying technology exists for my idea. ActivityPub for example is a big thing. All someone needs to do is bring it all together.

I've already made a name for the organisation.

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@libreleah This is very good to know, Leah. Many people - including myself - and communities will benefit from such a project.

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