No. Despite the misinformation, the COVID-19 vaccines will not turn you into a drug addict, make you sterile, give you a permanent smile, create birth defects in your off-spring, turn you into a mindless ravaging beast, make you trackable by drones, cause you to sing show tunes, make you grow an extra limb, destroy your mind, turn you a vampire, or cause any of the other hundred myths that are in circulation.


@jxself permanent smile? i haven't heard that one before. sounds cringe as hell.

don't forget to tell people to get booster shots too. the vaccines wear off and you need booster shots every year

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I'm starting a vaccine company and I will hire people to0 reverse engineer all of the proprietary ones and add MDMA in a nasal spray vaccine.

Since as a vaccine corporation I have no liability a d can't be sued.
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