Crazy idea: LXQtile

I've studied tiling window managers, and one thing strikes me: the paradigm is excellent, but tiling window managers are inaccessible to normies.

Why not add a tiling mode to LXQt? Make it behave like Qtile.

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@libreleah I truly believe Awesome Window Manager is a great option.
Yes, it looks a little ugly, but other than that the defaults are great. Floating windows, title bars, a system tray, a rightclick menu, a help shortcut and stuff like that. Its pretty comfy and usable even if you never configure it

@libreleah The only problem is the lua config file. Maybe some simple GUI to configure shortcuts and stuff would be interesting

@libreleah I’m having trouble coming up with normie use cases where they would benefit from using tiling window managers.

@libreleah I’m currently using stumpwm because I’m on a Lisp kick. The one thing I like about it is how I can hack at it at runtime instead of restarting it every time I make a config change to see what happens. Maybe normies could benefit from that?

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