What if a government passed a bill enshrining software freedom, and free software principles, into law?

I've been informed that the state of New Hampshire (in USA) is considering passing this bill:

My own country (United Kingdom) could take a leaf out of NH's book.

(I said earlier that it had passed the bill, but I was wrong. I was corrected: it's a reading, the bill isn't actually passed yet)

If you live in the US, you should try to get to New Hampshire for the hearing; it's on January 11th, 2022. The more people show up, the better. (I live in the UK, but I do have followers from the US)

This twitter thread has the info:

@libreleah thank you for sharing this :eyes_opposite:

I wonder if @mr_penguin , who runs a free software company in New Hampshire, has seen this yet.

Oh no, its a trap.

The website is served by #Microsoft. Don't access website without a proxy like Tor.

Half joking and half deadly deadly serious.

@libreleah @mr_penguin


Yes went to the hearing and spoke on it. Will post video shortly.

>VII. Allows the defendant to examine the source code of proprietary software used to generate evidence against the defendant in a criminal proceeding.
Seems like a good idea to me, but line 7 seems like it will do a lot to prevent collusion and corruption with it.

@libreleah What's the use? I cannot vote in New Hampshire.

@cal You can still go there and give your opinion about it i think. you can state your position about the subject

@libreleah companies, individual programmers, users and customers should be able to create, design, program and use software under whatever terms they mutually agree on, and no central authority shall dictate such terms to the public, it is otherwise a violation of freedom #freedom #software


I believe in less laws and not more. At the end if the day you have to ask how many people you're willing to have die enforcing any law, even something minor. I'm not against the spirit of the laws on that bill but don't believe that I would want my taxpayer money enforcing anything like it nor do I believe it is worth anyone dying over.

are you aware that such laws have passed in several countries, states/provinces and municipalities elsewhere? you make it sound like it's a first
@libreleah huh, and here i thought new hampshire wasn't even a real place
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