Twitter is blocking me from posting a link to my mastodon. If I try to post the link, it says:

"We can't complete this request because this link has been identified by Twitter or our partners as potentially harmful"

*Censorship* is harmful. This is an attack on my free speech.

I originally posted this on twitter:

I have now identified Twitter as potentially harmful.

@libreleah It goes both ways. If they don't want your speech, you can take your speech elsewhere.

@atomicpoet @libreleah

Crying generic oppression because some company doesn't want them taking up space on their servers is so strange.

It being a public company doesn't mean God has personally given everyone the right to use it.

@libreleah they're supposedly making their own fake gay federated thing so they don't want anyone to know about fedi

@libreleah i got the same from fb for posting a link from enoughisenough14 about anti-fascist actions in Ukraine.

@libreleah Twitter regularly flags links to Fedi servers as spam. It used to do the same thing with

@libreleah Confirms that Twitter is a big pile of bullshit.
You know, I will celebrate when Elon Musk takes over Twitter. Just because those people who are responsible now for this mess, get the boot

@libreleah I couldn't post a Mastofon Link on LinedIN either 🤷🏼‍♀️

I have now identified Twitter as potentially harmful.

Join the club ;-)

@libreleah nothing new with twitter; hopefully Elon can change this

@libreleah well that’s crazy. Posting a link that directs us to another platform should not be wrong. In fact we do that everyday. To news agency, YouTube and stuff. #twitter is crazy. My advice for you is to delete twitter. #freespeech #free #speech #freedom #mastodon

@libreleah use a short url service to redirect to your mastodon. I doubt they are following the links before you post them. funny thing is , they can't even do this with my link because it's already posted 😆 and it's pinned to the top of my account.

they would have to ban
🤷 which would be pointless anyways because i'm leaving on September the first.

@logan @libreleah Ha! Same, I have posted a link to my Mastodon account long before this censor turned on.

@libreleah yeah, time to leave Twitter if you haven't already. I'm guessing it sees that link as a shortened URL and that's why it is being blocked? Still BS.

@jamesrichardson @libreleah Good point, James. I was also wondering if it’s not to what you link, but how you link. Always nice to read a sensible comment in between the usual drivel.

@libreleah o: well copy da link to ur profile from someone elses instance prob woulf work.

@libreleah could I be because whois gets a 500 error due to SSL negotiation? They also say the domain is for sale

@libreleah Twitter trying to keep people from flocking to mastodon :mastodon: :searx: :tor:

@libreleah Twitter is known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm

@libreleah Oh no! Your link contains unusual domain! It must be a spam!

...I love those automatic algorithms...

@libreleah imagine twitter joining fediverse, that would be awesome. Or maybe most hated instance?

twitter doing twitter things..

> *Censorship* is harmful. This is an attack on my free speech.

twitter is a private business, not speakers corner. talking about twitter like it is some kind of commons is just cementing it as something more than a website full of bad takes and groupthink.

your free speech is your own instance! :)

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