CPU/RAM/SSD upgrades and shipping prices have been reduced, for laptops sold on

These are secure laptops with osboot, based on coreboot, replacing proprietary UEFI firmware. Your choice of *encrypted* Debian, other Linux or OpenBSD/FreeBSD installation.

I've also lowered the price of the laptops themselves, as of today. For the base specifications, T440p is currently £338 and X230 is £258.

I've budgeted for the next 6 months and concluded that these prices can stay as they are. I don't expect to change them again any time soon.

@[email protected] It looks like you have OS's that are predetermined that I can select from, that's why I ask.

@shadowferret Yeah I can install whatever distro you want. I'm currently rewriting parts of the laptop pages to more clearly tell people they can choose their distro.

I don't bother with an OS drop-down menu, because there are so many distros out there. You can email me when ordering, to say which distro you want. I work with a lot of different distros.

@alicela1n yeah on t440p you can select 4-core option in the drop-down menu, then it will come with i7-4810mq

@libreleah I also did the T440S Trackpad replacement... Makes it usable again. To think I used that thing at work for 3 years (with a mouse)

I want to do a better screen and new battery next.

@libreleah I was surprised to know you advocate for microcode updates, even though they are fully proprietary and encrypted. Your argument for them to not be freed is that modifying microcode can break your CPU, and that's true; but also, shouldn't they be (at the very least) not encrypted, so we can study them?

Also, you recommend OpenBSD and FreeBSD over FSDG-compliant distros, and as you know, those operating systems are infested with firmware blobs, and I'm not sure how far they go with preventing “anti-features” in their package repositories.

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