I've seen this meme recently, and it's so perfect in every way.

I've had dual stack IPv4 and (native) IPv6 on all of my infrastructure for 8 years now, thanks to Andrews & Arnold Ltd. I run libreboot.org/ on my a&a line.

If you're in the UK, it's the only ISP you should ever use. This ISP: aa.net.uk/


I don't think what I said does justice to a&a, so let me say: the meme is taken from clips of the 2002 Spiderman film, starring Kirsten Dunst and Tobias Mcguire.

My ISP provided IPv6 when that film came out. That's how amazing a&a is. I have static /28 IPv4 and several /64 IPv6.

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@libreleah if you were really using ipv6 you'd be snagging them by the /48

@wowaname yes, technically i have a /48 but in practise i only use a few /64's

@wowaname if i ever need another /64, i can just log in and assign it from the /48, on the control panel login that a&a provides. it's nifty

@libreleah ive heard about a&a years ago and told my uk friend about it

@libreleah@mas.to that's pretty unusual, in Germany and many other countries we assign a /56 to each user with IPv6 broadband landline. Do you have some company-like contract?

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