I'm pleased to announce:

Libre X230 has also reduced in price by £40, *temporarily*. I've recently acquired a large bulk of these machines, for a lower price than usual.

Coreboot and Debian Linux pre-installed. Secure, private. Freedom!

The distro of coreboot is osboot, which I maintain myself. Sales fund development.

Get it here:

@technicallypossible I ship with UK layout, but you can easily change the keyboard yourself.

It's 2 screws on the bottom, then the keyboard comes out and you can swap it. You can buy keyboards on ebay quite easily.

Here's a video for how to change the keyboard:

@libreleah @technicallypossible the uk layout is actual terror. I had to use a hp compaq with it. Was an absolute pain

@arya thanks for your input. My preferred keyboard layout is the German one and if I wanted to learn another one, it'd be the default US one. With that in mind, I'd have to get a replacement keyboard with the desired layout either way. I could send you the UK one I don't need once it's been replaced, just to annoy you a little bit ;)

@technicallypossible UK is ISO and therefore IMHO easier to learn than US (ANSI), as keys have the same layout (I always have issues with Enter when on an US layout, as it breaks muscle memory). If generally don't have to look for keys, UK works fine for typing DE QWERTZ.

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