I sell coreboot, and coreboot accessories. With Debian Linux. These are secure machines, and coreboot is well-audited.

These computers are free as in freedom, right down to the boot firmware, booting linux/bsd on the bare metal:

My web shop is here:

I'm the author of osboot, the version of coreboot that comes installed. It replaces proprietary UEFI firmware, and has many advanced features that you can learn about here:

@libreleah That's so cool! I'm full up with machines at the mo but I'm happy to see that you're making this happen.


Thank you Leah for osboot.
It runs without issues on my before librebooted x200s. Only the fan is disturbing my pleasure.

@Enav72 Loud fan? These are fairly easy to replace, if you want to do that.

@Enav72 it is ill advised. you should ideally re-paste it. use quality paste e.g. thermal grizzly kryonaut

@libreleah Thank you Leah, i will give it a try even if i have a little bit fear to destroy something disassembling the machine.

thinking of buying one, always wanted a thinkpad that has osboot and has free hardware

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