In addition to recent price cuts, today I further decreed: the warranty for all laptops sold is now 5 years, instead of 3. Warranties extended +2 years for people whose 3-year warranty were still valid today.

The laptops come with coreboot, which replaces proprietary BIOS/UEFI, and Debian Linux as the default operating system.

I sell coreboot, and coreboot accessories.

I did one of these recently, for old time's sake. An old customer sent in an X200 for servicing, and upgrades.

I replaced the onboard 8MB SPI flash with 16MB (Winbond W25Q128FVSIG). This allows you to easily put a full linux kernel with initramfs in the flash, if you wanted to.

@libreleah Why are you even saying: "Debian Linux" - that's not the official name.
Debian GNU/Linux is the name:
It seems recently they prefer call it just "Debian", which is fine, but I don't know why you would slap Linux after it unless you were taking about the version of Linux that Debian uses or something.

> This allows you to easily put a full linux kernel with initramfs in the flash, if you wanted to.

Cool, but what's the point of it? What about kernel updates?


@libreleah ok, but what's the point having kernel in bios chip? :blobfoxthink: For rescuing OS on HDD/SSD or you can use this kernel in the os itself?

@Evv1L see: heads project

i'm working on my own project similar in spirit to theirs. linux is capable of booting anything, and can be very powerful for this purpose (think: netboot)

i'm working on two fronts: a tiny distro to go in flash, based on alpine linux, but i'm replacing busybox with code based on openbsd's userland; not released yet

the other front is technically unrelated; i want a full openbsd-based project but with a linux kernel, and neat things added such as zfs (in linux)

@libreleah >such as zfs (in linux)
That would be illegal to distribute, as CDDL is intentionally not compatible with the GPLv2.

@libreleah sounds great! Good luck!

Last question: Do you have plans for supporting ThinkPad T60 with ATI GPU in os-boot project?

I made a Coreboot image with ATI support for it a long time ago with SeaBIOS as a payload. Clean GRUB2 payload didn't work (no image while booting) but SeaBIOS+GRUB2 chainload _should_ work. If you interested I can translate a guide for you :blobcat:

@Evv1L it's on the backburner. the issue is i can't legally distribute the vga rom required; however, it should be possible to automate the extraction of it

the issue with that particular GPU is that lenovobios modifies certain parameters of it at boot time, in ways that coreboot does not

in coreboot, you have to use a rom extracted from /sys/ pre-modified from when you booted with lenovobios

i could distribute roms, and tell you how to extract that vga rom, but i can't distribute the vga rom

@Evv1L regarding grub: you can set coreboot to boot in text mode, and then grub should Just Work

in my tests, booting in VESA mode never works on that board, when using the VGA ROM. you must boot grub in text mode

@Evv1L the other issue is that there are multiple versions of that gpu, with different PCI IDs

in an osboot context (pre-compiled roms) that makes things tricky

i think the best thing here would be to simply document everything, and provide configs for osbmk, to auto-build the roms

the easiest solution would be to provide multiple rom sets, for each pci id. iirc there are 2 GPUs possible on that board

@Evv1L have a play around with osbmk yourself. see:

see if you can get something going, and write some documentation for osbwww. i'd be happy to review your work

You have to distribute it. If you live in Russia Putin say that there is no jail for piracy. Limiting not to distribute mean people's can't learn. In Chinese there is no copyright and they live wonderfully life include there is much more cheap.

@libreleah A 5 year warranty for a used laptop is pretty special!

If you would like, I can list these on my aggregator website.

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