This is my idea of how to relax on a Sunday evening. I re-wired a SCART cable from scratch! It's for analog RGB on my Sega Master System. The SCART cable was poorly and incorrectly wired, when I bought it, and the red output kept crapping out. Works perfectly now!

I'm not much of a gamer but I love the old 8-bit machines from the 1980s. They're really fun to play, and ROM hacking is great fun too. Alas, I don't get much time for these old machines, because of Libreboot and related activities.

I'm doing a Libreboot X200 video: the 8MiB flash has been replaced with 16MiB flash. Completely useless at present, but I plan to create a version of linuxboot (coreboot payload) with linux-libre, and put that in Libreboot. For this, at least 12MiB of flash is recommended.

CH341A is *garbage*. Data lines are 5v, they should be 3.3v (can still flash 5v ICs on 3.3v usually). Insufficient decoupling (must add capacitors). WP/HOLD on 25xx pins shorted directly to 3.3v, rather than via pull-up resistor...

Don't buy it. Save your money!

Pics show mods *I* did, to fix the issues. However, it's still bad at ISP flashing. For non-ISP (DIP8 in ZIF, or SOIC8 in ZIF via spring socket), it works great. I'll use this to flash winbond ICs before installing them in the X200T! is live! It's a transgender wiki and provides chatrooms for those who need support. TransChat replaces the old site, "Transit".

The old Transit IRC channels have shut down! People who wish to enter should check out the new channels listed on the new site.

Any transgender community claiming to be the old Transit community is fake. The new chatrooms are named TransChat. Enjoy!

I give up. I tried to get people NOT to buy ch341a (SPI programmer). It is unreliable (for ISP) and poorly designed. I'm documenting it just so people stop asking about it.

By default, it has 5V data lines, but your flash is 3.3V. You can fix that, however! I'm doing a video.

I'm building the new Libreboot release now! It takes a few hours to build. During this time waiting for the build to complete, I'm going to finish my work on the documentation.

Docs are in a separate repository now so I'll just tag it the same as the main repo, for this release.

In other news, that static site generator I'm working on is also being released today. The new libreboot site that I'm launching is built on it.

Another happy ThinkPad. This is running Libreboot 20210517 (modified, versus what I plan to release). This laptop belongs to a good friend of mine, who sent it in for flashing.

Yes, it's today. I'm doing finishing touches. It's a testing release, but most machines are... tested!

watching GNU GRUB compile is so thoroughly satisfying.

This is built using the *coreboot* crossgcc toolchain. I submitted a patch that makes it use coreboot-crossgcc instead of the host toolchain. Patch:

To anyone asking: my webshop selling libreboot/osboot laptops and install services will be back in business soon!

I'm focusing on the Libreboot release which will be out soon. I'm doing finishing touches. Last-minute polishing. After the release, I plan to kick ass commercially.

I wholeheartedly recommend nload. I use it all the time, when monitoring load on a network interface.

This is running on my router right now. My router is a Debian system running iproute/pppd with some simple iptables rules. If I want to know how busy the network is, I just ssh into it and run nload!

apt-get install nload

it's a scorcher. make sure when compiling osboot, osboot-libre or libreboot from source that you have adequate CPU cooling!

i made the build system use multiple cores, when building

Nearly ready with the libreboot release! I'm actually doing the work on osboot-libre ("libre" branch in osboot git repository) at the moment. As soon as *that* is ready, I can basically just rename it to Libreboot.

I'm doing it this way because *after* the libreboot release, I'll update osboot/osboot-libre to always use bleeding edge revisions of coreboot, grub, seabios etc, making it a rolling release coreboot distro (archlinux-style)

Libreboot will focus on stable releases (debian-style)

This Libreboot release is going to be so thoroughly cool that it will cause implosions unless proper care is taken when downloading it.

Here are screenshots of a heavily improved flashing guide for ASUS KCMA-D8 mainboards. I'm making lots of other improvements. Stay tuned!

I'm making progress on panbash, my new static site generator. It's taking longer than expected. once I'm done, I can tweak the libreboot site to work on it.

I'm making panbash support multiple pandoc-markdown sites. The idea is: it could manage hundreds of markdown sites

I'm getting my 1st covid vaccine today (Pfizer). I'm 29 and for now they're only vaccinating older people but there's a surplus of vaccines in my area.

I unexpectedly received a text from my GP, offering the jab. It's today! 20 minutes ago I didn't know I'd be vaccinated today.

Naturally, I'm in a celebratory mood.

Another happy ThinkPad. ThinkPads are happier when you flash freedom on them; whether it's coreboot, osboot or Libreboot, ThinkPads are happier and healthier with GNU GRUB in boot flash.

The customer who sent this T430S in for flashing will be happy too!

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