Reboot Tuesday 2021 is on December 7th! It is a celebration of the reboot library, Libreboot. First Tuesday of December, each year.

To take part, simply reboot your computer at least once, on the day. will be randomly offline due to reboots, on that day.

Crazy idea: LXQtile

I've studied tiling window managers, and one thing strikes me: the paradigm is excellent, but tiling window managers are inaccessible to normies.

Why not add a tiling mode to LXQt? Make it behave like Qtile.

@Blort i don't think i would even attempt to solve this. however, we could think of it like the traditional usenet paradigm, and individual wiki hosts can decide what articles they copy between themselves, and adapt.

an "authoritative" article is so through social means. a person or group earns the respect from the community to become a recognized authority in a given field. i don't think that's really a problem

@wire yeah it looks great. i have this now in my notes to look at later.

@wire very good! this is exactly what i need. thank you for sharing the link with me!


Put /etc/ directories in git! e.g.:

cd /etc/nginx/
git init
git add -A .
git commit -m "initial setup"

Makes it easy to recover from mistakes, when you screw something up. I do this for all my /etc/ directories.

Makes backups easier too! I can clone all my configs.

Libreboot 20211122 is now available. Released today, 22 November 2021. Release announcement available to read, here:

Sometimes, the cult ejects you when you're at your lowest, after you risked your future and burned bridges to protect it. But you were being used. It spits you out.

You think of all the things you did and rebuild your life. I regret many things. I'm deeply sorry to those I hurt.

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@jxself permanent smile? i haven't heard that one before. sounds cringe as hell.

don't forget to tell people to get booster shots too. the vaccines wear off and you need booster shots every year

Want to generate truly random numbers? The Free Software Foundation @fsf has your back this christmas. Happy hacking!

Tie that in with existing fediverse networks like Mastodon and Peertube. There is also the upcoming ForgeFed ( for Git.

Now imagine a collective of individuals and organisations, united in a newly unstoppable federation of freedom.

I covered this in a previous thread:

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You know what would be *really* great? Federated @Wikipedia (using ActivityPub or a fork of it).

Yes. Federated wikipedia. Like mastodon but.. instead of a social media site, it's wikis.

Millions of articles spread out on different servers. All editable. Someone should do this!

Cults are bad. Dogma is bad. Think for yourself.

Live free.

I've decided to abandon the stable release, and do a new testing release (one that is more or less stable in practise) once this bug is fixed. The new testing release will have a newer coreboot release, from November 2021, for all boards.

Stable releases must not be rushed.

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I've received reports on IRC that SpeedStep is broken in the Libreboot 20210522 release, on some GM45 laptops; W500 and T400 have been reported.

Since the release I'm working on is based heavily on 20210522, I'm holding back the Libreboot release to get this fixed.

Ariadne Conill of Alpine Linux published this article today, which I agree with wholeheartedly:

I'm a fan of the GNU GPL, especially version 3. I actually think version 3 is the best version, for several reasons. The events of 2021 have made me worry about GPLv4 and what that might bring, if it ever comes about, so I'm interested in removing the "or later" clauses, whenever permissible to do so, in my own projects.

@cal well, yes but i'm critical of such things because they hide from the user how things work, and are often messy/bloated underneath, and not very flexible

my preference is to teach people how to set stuff up from scratch. on my hosting set up i set up postfix, nginx, bind, git and several other things up from scratch, and i maintain these manually

but yes, something plug and play like freedombox will also be wonderful for most normal people, and should be promoted

@lohang In fact, this is one of my main priorities with such a project, and something that the existing organisations don't do, or don't do enough of. It's excluded from the post, because I copied this post from my asinine Twitter page where characters are limited to a lame 280!

As I see it, all the infrastructure and underlying technology exists for my idea. ActivityPub for example is a big thing. All someone needs to do is bring it all together.

I've already made a name for the organisation.

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