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What if there was a combined Free Software, OSHW and Right to Repair group, providing ideological leadership in a peer to peer fashion via federated services (including Git-based code hosting) and an emphasis on teaching how to self-host your own federated hosting infrastructure?

Think Mastodon. But for Git.

I learned of this today. It's not ready yet, but I think this has amazing potential. I'm investigating git forges to use for my projects, and none of them satisfy me.

Forgefed is part of Peers, the same people behind Notabug.

New Libreboot release coming soon.

I've now written a news post, detailing my plans and what has been done so far:

ETA for release: November 15th, 2021

What is your favourite distro? I'm shopping for GNU+Linux distros and other free OS to try. It's been a few years since I've done distro hopping.

I can look at big sites but I want organic input from my actual followers. On my radar: mxlinux, alpine, void, devuan, and a few more

The Libreboot release is delayed to November 15th. I have final polishing to do on desktop boards. BUT:

I'm shipping laptops all week. Customers are getting Libreboot from today's lbmk.git, not Libreboot 20160907. All laptops are stable and well-tested on today's Git repository.

I've been testing USB3 cards recently, because I want USB3 support on my laptop, and I found this one which works well on my X200T:

StarTech USB 3.0 ExpressCard - USB 3.0 Adapter (ECUSB3S22). Works in linux-libre on Trisquel. Goes in the ExpressCard slot.

@dwaltiz no, i'm just using a raspi to flash a new chip, for then soldering onto a mainboard

though, libre firmware does now exist for rpi (not my project) sales of Libreboot laptops to the European Union have resumed. I now ship to the European Union again.

Libreboot laptops on now come with AR5BXB112 WiFi cards, instead of AR5B95. It has 3 antenna connections with 3x3:3 MIMO and dual channel configuration, allowing 802.11n 450Mbps speeds. It uses the AR9380 chipset, which is fully supported in linux-libre.

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The FSF turns 36 today! We're hard at work fighting for your freedom, so in the meantime, please check out our anniversary celebration from last year:

I have decided to delete my YouTube account. It is done. I will set up a Peertube instance instead. Peertube is a decentralized video hosting service, and entirely Free Software:

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Happy 38th anniversary to the GNnouncement that started it GNall: the announcement of the GNU operating system! Here's to 38 more years.

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