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FUN FACT: you can set up multiple local virtual hosts in nginx. If you have a public website but want a local development version, on localhost, add entries like this to /etc/hosts: foo.localhost bar.localhost

example nginx virtual host:

server {
server_name foo.localhost;
listen 80;
listen [::]:80;
root /var/www/html/foo;
index index.html;
autoindex off;
disable_symlinks on;

i do it all the time

I'm going to try to get that Libreboot beta release out this weekend. I have these tasks:

1) Add a few more board configs
2) Update documentation
3) Update the deblob scripts
4) Finish panbash, my new static site generator, and modify for it

Stay tuned!

I'm getting my 1st covid vaccine today (Pfizer). I'm 29 and for now they're only vaccinating older people but there's a surplus of vaccines in my area.

I unexpectedly received a text from my GP, offering the jab. It's today! 20 minutes ago I didn't know I'd be vaccinated today.

Naturally, I'm in a celebratory mood.

It's live! My video showing how to install osboot on a ThinkPad T430s. osboot is a coreboot distro (forked from Libreboot's build system). It provides hardware initialization and a bootloader, to boot your OS. Enjoy!

Here is the video:

Re-posted with a different invidious link because the first one b0rked and didn't work when trying to play the video directly in mastodon

i don't know why but for me, playing the video in mastodon doesn't work. so click the link to view the video directly on invidious (which is a youtube frontend website that lets you avoid non-free javascript and browse youtube freely without ads)

(the temperatures are high because i'm running a stress test. CPU at 100% usage. those temperatures are normal during a stress test. I always replace thermal paste with quality Arctic MX-4 paste and do a stress test when a laptop is re-assembled)

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Another happy ThinkPad. ThinkPads are happier when you flash freedom on them; whether it's coreboot, osboot or Libreboot, ThinkPads are happier and healthier with GNU GRUB in boot flash.

The customer who sent this T430S in for flashing will be happy too!

I have just sent the author of untrunc (the one I linked) an email, to thank that person. I'm really happy that I was able to fix this corrupted mp4 file. Stay tuned for T430s video! (osboot installation tutorial)

this software fixed my broken mp4 recording:

best software ever. it really saved my bacon

untrunc made this possible. my computer crashed while recording this t430s video, resulting in corrupted mp4 file.

untrunc fixed it. untrunc is now responsible for the madness i'm about to unleash. stay tuned!

untrunc is the ****BEST**** software ever. it just saved my ass. everyone: please disregard what I said. I managed to unfuck this MP4 file. see:

it takes another file as reference, with moov atom intact, and uses that to fix your broken mp4 file.

Does anyone know how to repair a broken MP4 file? I was recording that T430S video in OBS but my computer crashed. Now I have a corrupted MP4 file.

I've looked online but I can't seem to find a solution. If there's no fix I'll just not do this T430s video, but that would make me very sad

I'm doing a ThinkPad T430S video, showing how to install osboot (see:

This video is going to be insane. T430S has a WSON8 in it, like the X200T. You desolder the WSON8 and solder a SOIC8 but... stay tuned for the video! (photo shows soic-8 installed)

Just to prove I'm not full of it. This is a KCMA-D8 mainboard I'm flashing for a customer. Socketed flash. Libreboot supports it.

The customer wants 16MiB chip but I couldn't find DIP8, so I used a SOIC8 on a 208mil SOP8 to DIP8 adapter and 2.54mm headers.

Here you see the original flash chip, a 2MiB winbond chip. It's DIP8. I removed it, and inserted the 16MiB (also a winbond chip) but on the adapter board with the 2.54mm headers pins.


Nice trick for KCMA-D8/KGPE-D16 flashing (libreboot/osboot) and no DIP8 chips available to buy: solder SOIC8 onto SOP>DIP adapter. Put 2.54mm headers in breadboard, chip+adapter on that, and solder (breadboard keeps pins straight).

Slot into DIP8 socket. I do it all the time!

You *can* also just flash the default 2MiB chip (on D8/D16); remove it, put it in breadboard and flash, but I always upgrade the default 2MiB flash to 16MiB. I'm doing a KCMA-D8 for someone.

uh btw this is mastodon, not twitter lol. i copied that from my twitter, that's why it says "tweet". i meant to say toot

i have a twitter account aswell as mastodon. though in the ~6 weeks i've used mastodon, i really love it. i consider it my home

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Gonna spend some time on *me*. And no, not Intel ME. Well, I'm going to spend time on that too ;)

I've spent 1 month on other people and it's time I focus on myself. Don't worry, I *will* return. Just putting this tweet out there in case people think I'm dead (I'm not).

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I'm postponing my work on panbash and savegnu sites; I have to get my company back operational again. I kept it offline during my time on the pro-RMS stuff.

I'm gonna bring my laptops in stock and sell for a week or so. Stay tuned. I'm actually making improvements to the shop.

I challenge you to read this without laughing. It had me in stitches the first time.

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