@Pawdraig @MoMartin that is to say like, there's a world of difference between appreciation and joy in learning and outright fetishsizing. Enjoying and learn to cook Mexican food for yourself and talking about it with your friends isn't a big deal. I actually am really excited to see more people make my traditional food and step away from actual erasure and commodification by way of capitalism, like say taco hell. It becomes irritating when a white food blogger talks about going on a trip to a resort in Mexico once and decides to replicate a recipe she had there and monetizes their badly white washed nonsense that is in no way honoring the source.

Dia de los Muertos is another example of Erasure, fetishsizing and commodification. If you're celebrating it with your indigenous Mexican friends that's chill. It's a beautiful holiday. If you're using it for a daily aesthetic, that's fetishsizing.

Cultural appropriation is such an interesting fight that we have on the left and in this country, because we often treat it to mean "Cultural theft" which implies the existence of "Cultural property", ideas and practices that can belong to one group of people. While I don't necessarily disagree with that framework, I do think sometimes it might be more productive to talk of Erasure, Fetishization, and Commodification.

send me a pic of a dog breed and I'll tell you if they support cops or not

unsolicited opinion 

Muppet Treasure Island is a classic piece of cinema, there I said it

I like how John Moses Browning designed like fifty different firearms in his lifetime and yet Colt has been milking the 1911 for over 100 years


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