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I like seeing my toots appear on the Federated timeline then disappear down it forever.

It's a bit like flushing the toilet.

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What's your favourite swear word?

Leave one in the comments below!

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I have long legs Yes, you do

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You know when you look at someone's posts and you think 'What a dick', then you wonder if that's what people think of you when they look at your posts.

Have you actually read Dawkins' writing about the meme; the bit at the end of the Selfish Gene?

It's actually a bit rubbish and comes across like a quick afterthought.

Yet he invented a word we all use today ...

That boring, fascist will be remembered forever because of that.

It's those who aren't interested, who don't read the news, who display the most sheep-like behaviour. They unquestioningly ignore everything and just carry on regardless.

So again, it is the sceptics who display the most sheep-like behaviour.

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If the term 'Sheeple' must be used, the covid-sceptics and anti-vaxxers are just sheeple from a smaller herd.

If you say the term 'sheeple' means 'those who follow the rules without question', then that might apply to some people but is mostly untrue.

In my experience it is those who are the most informed who follow the rules. It is not an unquestioning following of the rules, but keeping up with the 'best' way to tackle things (right or wrong).

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But we know this isn't the case because anti-vaxxers regularly post articles and videos from doctors and scientists that supposedly prove their way of seeing things.

If they are not sheeple themselves, and are drawing conclusions from some autocentric free will, how can there be any 'proof' from scientists? Did they just 'know' the answers before the science 'proved' it? If so, their beliefs cannot be scientific. They would be admitting to drawing conclusions before there was any evidence.

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I find the concept of sheeple interesting.

Because people who use that word are a little bit like alternative lifestylers, who see themselves as free thinkers without acknowledging they too are following a particular trend.

When it comes to vaccines/covid, to call everyone following the safety measures 'sheeple' implies that those who are against the rules came to that conclusion themselves without any influence from anyone else. ...

I was just thinking about people owning more than one social media account to promote their own posts and I wonder if anyone has successful staged an argument with themselves and convince a load of people that it was real ... ?

My muesli tastes gritty.

I think it's the seeds of a rogue raisin.

I eat muesli every morning.

I heartily recommend it.

It tastes like dust cardboard, but it's very good for you.

tired: me
wired: not me
inspired: also not me

In the UK there has long been an attitude of 'I've been vaccinated so I don't need to follow the safety rules.'

But as this article points out, this could be helping to create a more deadly strain of covid.

I don't think this is our government's plan. I think they are hoping we can all just live with it and maybe have a booster every year. I guess our current leaders will be no longer in government by the time things get really bad. They don't care about future disasters.

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Covid Vaccines could end up making Covid more deadly ...

This is worth a read. As Cook says at the beginning the concept of 'leaky' vaccines has been marginalised to the tinfoil fringes. But if we had responsible news outlets with admirable journalists, we would have already been discussing leaky vaccines more openly.

It looks like capitalism definitely will kill us.

I scratch Violet's face while Rose uses my wheelchair as a ladder to reach acorns in the tree above.
#ヤギ #goats #GoatsOfMastodon #mastopets

Hmm. Interesting headline from the Guardian.

"Britons without health insurance on why they paid to go private"

Because all Britons have NATIONAL health insurance, so the headline should say "Brtions without PRIVATE health insurance."

Didn't really read the article. Probably BS anyway.

I don't really know what anything is.

People say these words and I don't know what they're talking about and I just scroll on.

I'm re-reading Solaris and it's ace!

You know when you read a few books and can't really get into any of them, and you think 'Maybe I'm the problem'.

But then you pick up a book you know you love and realise, 'No, it's the terrible writers who are the problem!'

It's so refreshing to enjoy reading the words you're reading.

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