You know when you look at someone's posts and you think 'What a dick', then you wonder if that's what people think of you when they look at your posts.

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@lydiaconwell I know the feeling.

It would be weird if our posts didn't come off the wrong way for other people. I mean, how many people's posts have you read that made total sense?

For me, other people's posts make 80% sense, but it's never 100% sense. There's always something that seems "off."

I'm not sure how to describe it. I don't feel the same way toward my own posts.

@vital876 On here it's mostly people talking about computer stuff/coding or something.

But on the bird site it's mostly politics and most things are posted without context which means you have to spend several minutes deciphering their words.

This is my alt.

@lydiaconwell My thought is that people's understandings of the same concepts can be different. They can be similar enough so that two people can talk to each other and understand what's being talked about, but there is still room for variation.

That's why I believe that what can be expressed through language is limited by two people's mutual understanding of a concept and the words used to convey that concept.

The problem of other minds is related because it has to do with understanding what other people understand, and also understanding "what it's like to be them."

I hope that makes sense...(?)


"Problem of other minds"


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