Covid Vaccines could end up making Covid more deadly ...

This is worth a read. As Cook says at the beginning the concept of 'leaky' vaccines has been marginalised to the tinfoil fringes. But if we had responsible news outlets with admirable journalists, we would have already been discussing leaky vaccines more openly.

It looks like capitalism definitely will kill us.

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In the UK there has long been an attitude of 'I've been vaccinated so I don't need to follow the safety rules.'

But as this article points out, this could be helping to create a more deadly strain of covid.

I don't think this is our government's plan. I think they are hoping we can all just live with it and maybe have a booster every year. I guess our current leaders will be no longer in government by the time things get really bad. They don't care about future disasters.

@lydiaconwell england is a pioneer country in the COVID space. Nothing can top the pride I felt when my county had it's very own strain!

However, it was stated this came from Margate. LIES. It came from Ramsgate.

@lydiaconwell Vaccines could also make the virus *less* deadly. That's what people don't get about evolution, is that it's not some kind of karmic retribution for we fools who play god. If a coronavirus adapts to the selection pressure of a vaccine, it COULD become a super deadly plague, or it could become harmless, or it could start infecting another sort of animal, or it could just fade away into our DNA, leaving nothing but introns behind.

@lydiaconwell Matter of fact, there are more opportunities for deadly viruses to spring up where infection rate is high. The vaccine won't make it *more* likely that something evolves to sneak past the vaccine. It's the unvaccinated where all these "deadly" strains are erupting from, a much more fertile breeding ground than the vaccinated where the virus can barely survive.

@lydiaconwell And don't let them scare you about leaky vaccines. Nobody's talking about it because *every* vaccine is "leaky." By their definition, a vaccine would have to work perfectly every time to not be leaky. Vaccines don't have to be 100% effective to be effective. The Pfiser one was 95% effective on current strains, 85% and dropping last I checked. Flu vaccines are around 60% effective. The MMR vaccine is 97% effective against measels, but only 88% effective against mumps, etc

@lydiaconwell Uh, I agree that journalists and news outlets are terrible though, and the safer people can stay, the less chance of new strains getting a foothold. Sorry if it seems like I'm disagreeing with you. What I mean is there are terrible consequences to many of our lockdown policies that have already cost innumerable lives, so it's a matter of weighing the consequences and taking what action hurts people the least, even if it doesn't... stop the virus 100%.

@cy No, it's all healthy debate. I'm no expert on covid.

The main point about the article is that the narrative is being controlled to drown out other options. The article follows on from an earlier article which explains how YouTube is banning videos that mention ivermectin and how news outlets are wrongly calling it a horse drug.

It's a bit concerning if government and media push one narrative at the expense of viable others.

@cy The article doesn't scare me, although I've noticed Cook's articles seemingly becoming a little more fringe than they used to be.

@lydiaconwell Well I won't deny that it's a travesty that we're using Youtube instead of something like bittorrent, or gnutella. The triumph of marketing over the human spirit, to keep us all in their control. But the government and media have always pushed narratives like that. What we need to do is keep them from getting powerful enough to effectively censor us, regardless of what we're saying.

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