Covid Vaccines could end up making Covid more deadly ...

This is worth a read. As Cook says at the beginning the concept of 'leaky' vaccines has been marginalised to the tinfoil fringes. But if we had responsible news outlets with admirable journalists, we would have already been discussing leaky vaccines more openly.

It looks like capitalism definitely will kill us.


In the UK there has long been an attitude of 'I've been vaccinated so I don't need to follow the safety rules.'

But as this article points out, this could be helping to create a more deadly strain of covid.

I don't think this is our government's plan. I think they are hoping we can all just live with it and maybe have a booster every year. I guess our current leaders will be no longer in government by the time things get really bad. They don't care about future disasters.

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@lydiaconwell england is a pioneer country in the COVID space. Nothing can top the pride I felt when my county had it's very own strain!

However, it was stated this came from Margate. LIES. It came from Ramsgate.

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