@polymerwitch In my case, financial independence. I can't move my art on the Fedi at a rate that even pays my shop fees, much less my bills. Or we could just burn down capitalism entirely and FB would die in the process and I wouldn't have the financial pressure I do now.


@WanderingBeekeeper Well, I know FB deliberately restricts the reach of businesses that use its platform so that they are encouraged to pay for advertising. And I know left wing commentators get some of their posts shadow banned.

It seems to me that for content providers FB gives just enough monetary reward, but not too much to allow full independence.

But what I don't understand is that you can use more than one platform. No one has to severe the tie with FB straight away.


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@lydiaconwell @polymerwitch I understand how the algorithm works, which is why I led off my new page with a series of Bodega Cats reposts, to get ljkes and interaction. I'm also working on Twitter, where I'm autoposting 4x/day and retweeting all my maille posts to get them into the algorithm. What it comes down to is this: I have to make a living within capitalist systems because leftist systems are not yet developed sufficiently for support. I'm working on that too, but it don't pay the bills.

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