How you know you're reading a quality publication. It looks like one of my spelling mistakes.

Oh dear.

You know, I think the left actually enjoy been slowly censored and sidelined. Without it they'd cease to exist.

They just whinge about it but otherwise sit back and take it.

Hmm, let me see ... What can one do about Facebook and Twitter censorship? Hmmm ...

After Brexit, this is literally what all supermarkets will look like in the near future: Out of stock but our shelves are full!

But there'd probably be a 'Boris is Great' poster at the end of every aisle, just to make sure you don't blame the Tories for this shitshow.

Speaking of VPNs.

Startpage must be reading my toots because I suddenly got a weird message when I searched for "burner" phone.

It only comes up when I search for that and asks for an email address.

I think it's time to go back to Duck Duck Go!

It looks to me like the Jolly Green Giant only became green by accident.

You can see in the first design he's not green, then the second design he just looks like he's green because they simplified the colours for printing.

So maybe he was never intended to be green but the green-ness was popular so they said 'Fuck it. Let's make him green.'

I don't know though. This is entirely conjecture based on this one image and I'm way too lazy to look it up.


suspended my account because I was using a . It said I was behaving like a . It must have been all the ways I was interacting with other users and not posting spam. You can see how Twitter might get confused.

I tried to delete my account because I don't want to give them my phone number and it won't let me because my account is suspended.

But I am the leftist I pretend to be online!

I sit around and moan and tell everyone how shit the world is.

The Future is ...

If you peel off the price tag it says:

The future is we knew you were going to buy this piece of shit mug.

Also is $2 cheap? That sounds like a lot to me for a mug.

This is the politics of today:

A politician puts out a message on social media or TV then immediately retracts it because of a 'backlash'.

The message is then circulated by faux-outrage-ists, the left, and rabid supporters of the politician. But because the statement was retracted it both exists and does not exists at the same time; said but not said.

So even sharing critical reactions results in sharing the original message.

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