Ooh ooh, you know those bridges that have metal inside and when you walk on them they vibrate and make a low metallic sound?

I like those. They're post-war bridges. You sometimes come across them.

How you know you're reading a quality publication. It looks like one of my spelling mistakes.

Mama licked her lips like a cat,
Pecked the ground like a rooster,
Pivoted like a duck,
Her stockings down caught dust and doughballs,
She cracked her mouth glaze, caught one eyelash,
Rubbed her hands on her gorgeous gingham ...

@gzt How the hell can a cat sit on a chair like a human? Do the humans in that household squat on their chairs with their arms in front of them ...

@kensanata I read the second book, which has some good bits in it, but I've never ventured further. The thing with sequels is that they turn the story into a soap opera with endless story but without much point. The books are written as continuation of ideas rather than because the book has an overall message or concept.

@robin What happened? Let me guess.

A pandemic sweeps the world and everything breaks down and everyone has to stay indoors for a while. Then rich people make loads of money from the situation, then some deniers appear and tell people to not do all the safety measure they are supposed to do. Then it ends with the virus still spreading but with the threat of it mutating into a far more deadly version.

Is that what happened?

How do you do it?

Do you think and the are allowing covid to spread so it will cripple the and then they and their profiteering mates can come to the rescue by privatising the NHS?

And the UK public, whose minds are enraptured by the propaganda of billionaires will rejoice and say, 'Yes, now the service will be so much better [now we will be paying more for it and getting less for what we pay for. And it would be much cheaper and beneficial to properly fund the NHS instead].'

Now I wanna sniff some glue

Now I wanna have something to do

All the kids wanna sniff some glue

All the kids want something to do

Do you ever end up on a website where the close dialogue button or the next button or something is either covered by some pop-up shit or off the screen with no way to scroll to it?

What that's all about?

They used to make loads of in the 80s and I haven't really seen many of them. I'm going to look some up. There's probably some good obscure ones.

I kinda want ones that are about the supernatural instead of the ones that are really just a killer on the loose - which really isn't horror.

Poltergeist was on TV last night. That's about the supernatural ... but it's not very scary, although I didn't watch it all. Too sleepy.

I just wanna know how you combine estimators. Given two estimations, each with their own margin of error, how are you supposed to combine them?

Wish I knew someone who was even into that stuff...

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