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This article reads a little bit too nasty on , but she's not without her faults.

But this article touches on the celebrity-worship and celebrity-aspiration that dupe so many on the the online .

I suppose the left becoming purely performative is no real surprise: as long as they entertain enough to maximise their crowd funding donations, they are doing their job.

Is this 's influence?

Yeeeeeeeeeee -


Anyone else seeing this? I made a comment that included "" and got this from Facebook.

I discovered from watching Pointless that "emoji" is a long used Japanese word, used before emoticons existed.

It means picture character or something

Don't read the news: Aw! I missed that story!

Do read the news: Boring ... Boring ... Non-story ... Not interesting ...

IDK. John McDonnell comes across as wilfully stupid in this article

After playing his part in trashing the project, he's now moaning that the current neoliberal leadership is destined to lose.

Yes! It's destined to lose - for as long as it takes before the public forget about social-democracy and learn to accept a two party system with a choice between the Tories and Tory-lite.

When people talk about uniting the party, it makes me furious.

So I also started reading Earthsea part one.

So far it's straight forward. It's a bit earnest for my liking; takes itself and its ye olde world a bit too seriously.

But I'll give it a go.

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Has anyone read Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller?

I've been trying to read it. I've only read one chapter so far. I think this kind of just bombards you with inklings of ideas and you're supposed to read it and whatever sinks in, sinks in, and what doesn't, doesn't. I don't think careful reading is worth it or necessary.

I can't tell you what I've read, just a few concepts that have stuck in my mind.

I'm not sure it's for me.

You see, I'm not that technically minded, but one reason I don't use Linux is because of the Windows versions of software I own, which I assume won't work on Linux.

But I realise that for most of my computer use I use free software, and I don't actually have many Windows versions of anything.

So I could just use Linux instead, I suppose ...

@obsolete29 it’s not just tracking, though. The service’s influential algorithm will get you too. I wrote about that earlier this year:

I was just reading about #911 theories - not detailing any theories, just the fact they are prevalent.

The thing is, the official narrative is flimsy at best. All we really know is the facts: planes crashing and buildings collapsing. Everything else I guess we will never really know.

I don't even know what QAnon or pizzagate actually are and I can bet you that the vast majority of people don't know what they are either.

So why do they continually get mentioned in articles?

That is because of the influence of social media. The left think you need hot takes to be noticed and respected, which makes them mostly odious and annoying more than anything else.

A good, valuable news site is worth much, much more.

The (online) left live in the pockets of corporate-owned sites.

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What left media don't realise is that there is much more power in being deciding on what is or is not news.

For left wing media to have any impact, it needs to learn to report a wide range of subjects and largely report in a balanced way. Once people recognise the news platform as a valuable news site, their readers will only be exposed to news that the left feel is worth knowing about.

The news commentary should come second. But the left value the commentary more than reporting news.

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I've pretty much turned by back on .

The problem I have with it is that it doesn't report the . It lives in the shadows of owned news and lets corporate news lead the way.

So instead of left wing outlets deciding on what is news, what to report, they expect you to get your news from the main news sources before turning to them for their left wing take.

But much of what the left have to say is just flimsy and boring and actual news stories aren't found there.

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