i forgot i had an account on here 😔

Oh. Haven't used this in a while. Hello

oh hey this website is kind of still alive

oh cool i finally got rank X on splat zones

omg school's over now I am finally free

why have :verified: when you can have ;pogchamp;

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lmao :verified: doesn't work anymore rip

ONE MORE DAY UNTIL ONLINE SCHOOL ENDSSSS :pogchamp: :pogchamp: :pogchamp:

:pogchamp: Lynko :pogchamp: boosted

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I forgot the splatfest was a week ago
has it really been that long?

i want to play splatoon 2 but i got final exams... theres also a green mystery weapon salmon run coming up -___-

i wish nintendo could make this website as one of the social medias to post your screenshots to because i really wanna get off twitter :(


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