Matrix/Element, ActivityPub/Mastodon.

I think ActivityPub/Pleroma works aswell.

E2EE helps everyone equally in the same way Free Software helps everyone equally. Criminals use money, should we ban money?

Learnt that the massive company 'Verisign' owns .com, and .net while the company 'Donuts' owns a ton of domains. Should probably avoid these.

.xyz looks promising however...

So many TLDs to choose from 😳 any ones to avoid?

Just found, seems to be a cool alternative to GitHub and GitLab although also found for a more decentralized approach to code collaboration with Git.

Plus with Microsoft (a notorious proponent of proprietary software) owning GitHub in its entirety, why should you develop on GitHub and not GitLab?

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"GitHub, which has ~50 million users, is closed source software that is more frequently used to produce open source software. GitLab is open core software that is more commonly used to write closed source software."

The internet is slowly moving away from centralized to decentralized.

Kind of like when cars without seat belts slowly transitioned to cars with seat belts.

View YouTube, Twitter and Reddit without distraction and without tracking: (for YouTube) (for Twitter) (for Reddit)

If you know of any other front-ends available, tell us.

We are to blame for corporations wielding such power over us. Stop giving them your money and go local.

How about we DON'T replace family and friends with market and state?

There is also Gitlab and Github pages for static sites.

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If you need an account to use it, how good can it possibly be?

If you want to setup your own blog or website, try if you aren't comfortable renting a web server just yet.

The internet is inherently decentralized. Don't let a few companies take that away! is an interesting project to take a look at for this.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. - Unknown.

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