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Wondering if I ever enjoyed microblogging as a social platform. When I did enjoy twitter it was for news. I think the most satisfied i've been was on forums and IRC, which both focus very heavily on conversations. I like groups and events on Facebook, so that's also following the trend.

It also matches up with the platforms most popular with the kids. Most are real time chat, or are collaborative.

Common one lately: explaining in detail how masks work only to be told I've been brainwashed by the mainstream media.

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Anyone else cringe when they hear "smart people don't say that they're smart"? The dunning-kruger effect can be so strong that I've been tempted many times to rage quit an argument with "look, I'm smarter than you so shut up".

Example: Once I was accused of making up the word endorphins.

I've discovered that I would get more out of assignments by submitting them with things I think are flaws and getting the feedback than I would if I stuck to what I was sure would be correct. Ironically this means my desire for learning would be rewarded with a lower grade.

But that's ok, because he always wants to sleep with me. He'll skip dinner if I go to bed before they've been fed for the night.

Not sure why, but I've never really made a habit of posting cat pics anywhere. Guess I'll start here!

I noticed that @mstdn has an invite link feature that is missing on Are there any other communities that offer invite links?

What other community specific features are out there?

I'm participating in and encouraging my friends to join

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Honestly, these aren't unprecedented times. So far this is tracking very closely to the 1918 flu epidemic. The advice then was to wear masks and physically distance. The second wave will probably be worse than the first.

What is different is how much more convenient it is to isolate. That many can work and shop remotely.

Been interesting reading up on history.

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