Interview in preparation for . Several talks and research papers will be about online reviews data. How it can be used to advance our understanding about people's behavior, to ultimately create better services.

ORA contributes the tools to making reviews data open for research and innovation.

Check out how we are doing it, and join this and project:

Online-Bewertungen sind aus dem Tourismus nicht mehr wegzudenken. Desto problematischer ist es, dass diese Daten heute noch immer proprietär sind.

Die Open Reviews Association hat eine OFFENE Alternative entwickelt: Technologie und Bewertungen!

Wir laden alle Tourismusorganisationen ein, diese zukunftsorientierte Technologie anzuwenden und sie mit uns gemeinsam weiterzuentwickeln.

Our talk at SotM2020 about bringing reviews to the OpenStreetMap community is available online:

Announcing the Open Reviews Association!

Non-profit, Swiss-based, serving as custodian for the Mangrove technology and set of reviews. A place to connect and coordinate our activities.

Come join to support this movement:

Breathtaking nature, hospitality, and culinary delights: check out our newest user's recommendations for Argentina and Uruguay:

Join the community to share your insights and experiences freely in a global set for reviews.

Do you have an app or website that could benefit from allowing users to read/write reviews? Use Mangrove's free and open source infrastructure to do that :)

4 reasons for leaving proprietary review platforms behind, and 1 tool to make it happen. Check out our release blog post for the Mangrove beta web app:

Just released the first building blocks to make integration with Mangrove easy: 1) JS client library & 2) API documentation These two allow you to generate, submit, and retrieve reviews from the open dataset.

We just released the Mangrove demo web app 🚀

You can read and write reviews and upload pictures for restaurants, hotels, touristic sites and other places on the map, as well as for companies, websites and books.

Join the ecosystem for and integrate Mangrove into your application or website.

Online reviews are increasingly powerful data that can help people make better decisions. It should be openly accessible so that more can benefit from it and develop new technologies without barriers to entry. In this article we write about its potential and how the Mangrove initiative is going about creating an open reviews ecosystem.

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