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#FediTips don’t use your legal name as your username when you sign up because there’s a pretty good chance you will want to change it within a year or two

This is not really a joke

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Morality is dead. It was smothered to death with a spreadsheet.

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Honestly just restart evolution and make it find a way to get back to how we are now but without “sneezing” being a thing

Maybe yeet the wisdom teeth too

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Scotland is quite possibly not going to be our home for much longer sadly. Not sure where or how yet. But, waiting it out doesn't seem like a good option. The trends are all negative.

Not content with being transphobic in their manifesto, Douglas Ross has doubled down and said that people should complain if they see a trans woman using a female space.

We could talk about how he's wrong, where the law stands etc...
But it's just more transphobic emotive fodder.

Sadly, it will harm people in the long run.

The LGBT Youth report is showing the downward trend.
The report itself is well worth a read.

Newspaper report on Ross's comments:

@ArgentaQ @ServalCandle Trump那个没删 是折叠了 一般人发就会删

@ServalCandle 👀 看了下你blog 然后发现youtube链接

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