Reassuring when the guy at the covid test centre asks ‘Have you done a PCP test before?’

Huge controversy: the stool says ‘All Paws On Deck’, but Rocky is nowhere to be found.

I’d feel much more comfortable walking out of range of my phone while wearing Bluetooth headphones if I hadn’t read that bit in ‘The Amber Spyglass’ where they cross the river in the world of the dead.

Good time to attempt to compete with @Pinboard

This morning the toddler is repeating ‘Daddy was wrong and Mummy was right’. I’m not sure why, but it’s a good phrase to have in the repertoire.

Having a massive row with my toddler about which one’s Charlie and which one’s Lola.

‘If you’re wearing a suit then you’re working.’ ‘If you’re not in the office you’re not working.’ My three year old has a better grasp on the concept than these people. (He thinks you at least have to press buttons on a laptop for it to count.)

The ‘trying to keep a fart in your trousers’ gang may wish to note that your clothes do actually help prevent farts from spreading harmful bacteria

Enjoying an episode of Sarah & Duck in which Sarah falls asleep and starts dreaming and everything is exactly as surreal as it is in any other episode of Sarah & Duck.

Saw two blokes in suits sat outside Wetherspoons smoking cigars, their plates empty apart from untouched mushy peas. I can only assume this is Tory conference related.

If Feathers McGraw risked his own neck carrying out his jewel heist, we might respect him, even root for him. It is his cowardice and cruelty that make him a villain.

Wallace must surely at least piss in the Techno Trousers at some point while he’s trapped in them.

Does Feathers McGraw apply for the room because he saw Gromit out for walkies with the Techno Trousers and followed him home?

Good to see Juergen winding nuts all the way down a threaded bar on . Not enough bakers have learned the lessons of the Hyatt Regency walkway collapse.

Why, in the face of all evidence, does it seem so possible to the viewer that the cooker from ‘A Grand Day Out’ will ski across the moon forever, never running out of credit?

The cooker in ‘A Grand Day Out’ carries on its face a reminder that it will soon cease to operate. Yet it seems unaffected by this semi-mortality. Is it the possibility of reactivation that makes it bearable, or is it the constant memento mori that brings acceptance?

The cooker in ‘A Grand Day Out’ protects the Moon from the actions of visitors—but only if those visitors pay to activate it. It is a sort of outsourced conscience. Is it any wonder it finds the role unfulfilling, and seeks joy elsewhere?

The cooker in ‘A Grand Day Out’ cannot see its dream clearly at first: it has to deliberately tune into it. So must we all.

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