Why doesn’t the Twitter ‘Home’ algorithm use the same technology they use to identify interesting tweets and refresh the feed before you have a chance to finish reading them?

Reading ‘Hard Times’. Really the only thing that dates it is that they hasn’t invented the phrase ‘wealth creators’ yet.

Seems a bit harsh.
Oh, hang on, I’m still logged in to a demo account.

Not sure I trust the YouTube Music algorithm to understand why I don’t want it to recommend either ‘The Eagles Tribute Band’ or Gary Glitter.

All help desk ‘Your ticket has been closed’ emails should have a ‘Thank you’ link. Even if it does absolutely nothing. Not being able to say thank you is making my bones itch.

Just when I thought I could no longer be surprised by a bad take on statues of slavers…

New flash fiction: ‘The Magic Passageway’, a story about (not) escaping lockdown markstaylor.uk/fiction/2020/06

According to the local Facebook groups, covering your face to protest is a sign that you’re a violent extremist, and not covering your face to protest is a sign that you’re an irresponsible virus-spreader.

I was skeptical about moving to YouTube Music but you can’t argue with that algorithm.

Lovely to see the government’s moving tribute to the reopening of IKEA.

In case you were wondering whether subliminal messaging works, this afternoon I had ‘Steal My Sunshine’ in my head for twenty minutes before realising it was because I’d used LEN in an Excel formula.

Dreamed last night the news said there had been no coronavirus deaths recorded anywhere in the world for a week, but I was unable to properly take this news in, because I had shit myself.

Give a man a fish and he will email you every time he needs a fish. Teach him how to fish and he will email you every time he has a problem with his fishing rod.

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