I think we all know Michael Gove likes the Tories, it’s hardly front-page news.

Child won’t go to sleep? Toddler started tantrumming? The government has a great new service for you

Am astonishing new high for YouTube Music’s tendency to play versions of songs from weird compilations.

Sorry everyone, my fault, didn’t realise I had this button

I see the Guardian have decided against using twee pixel art pictures of the candidates for their US election updates this time around. Can’t imagine why.

Hard to imagine a less appealing tagline for 2020 tbh

Wikipedia has a very roundabout way of telling you that The Tiger Who Came to Tea is about a tiger who came to tea.

The small Nutella jar glass is very much the benevolent sibling of the Gü ramekin. Next time you want a pudding, consider just eating a jar of Nutella.

Well, this certainly looks like a well-produces compilation

All else aside, you have to admire the clear drafting here.

Reading ‘Hard Times’. Really the only thing that dates it is that they hasn’t invented the phrase ‘wealth creators’ yet.

Seems a bit harsh.
Oh, hang on, I’m still logged in to a demo account.

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