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Just when I thought I could no longer be surprised by a bad take on statues of slavers…

I was skeptical about moving to YouTube Music but you can’t argue with that algorithm.

Lovely to see the government’s moving tribute to the reopening of IKEA.

Netflix keeps recommending this to me but I’m not sure you can make an interesting TV series about someone who offers to help just after all the work has been done.

First sunburn risk of the year! I guess I’m going to save a lot on sunblock…

This recommendation from Google Play Music does not feel like an endorsement of my taste in music.

Rewatching Life on Mars. Spent ages trying to work out where I’d seen the actor playing Malone before and then realised I was thinking of Gene from Wreck-It Ralph.

I was wondering about how much total human experience happens in a single second so I put '7.7 billion seconds' into Wolfram Alpha and it ruined the profundity

Personally I just try not to leave any amount up there.

Brexit was inevitable. We just don’t share Europe’s passion for ham.

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