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Well, this certainly looks like a well-produces compilation

I don’t mind noisy plastic toys, but if you design them to occasionally make a noise when left unused to attract children back to them, you can get in the bin.

All else aside, you have to admire the clear drafting here.

Facebook remembers everything about me except that I don’t want to use Chat Heads.

Why should I have to stop at zebra crossings when there is no evidence whatsoever that they protect drivers?

Disgusted by the nanny-state bedwetters who won’t let me have my balls out in the supermarket

All this investment in clever algorithms for music streaming and they don’t even bother to identify Chirstmas music and restrict it to Christmastime.

Curious about how much crossover there might be between the ‘We survived the blitz, we can survive Brexit!’ crowd and the ‘Wearing a mask makes my nose itch, I will not do it!’ crowd.

Why doesn’t the Twitter ‘Home’ algorithm use the same technology they use to identify interesting tweets and refresh the feed before you have a chance to finish reading them?

Reading ‘Hard Times’. Really the only thing that dates it is that they hasn’t invented the phrase ‘wealth creators’ yet.

Seems a bit harsh.
Oh, hang on, I’m still logged in to a demo account.

Not sure I trust the YouTube Music algorithm to understand why I don’t want it to recommend either ‘The Eagles Tribute Band’ or Gary Glitter.

All help desk ‘Your ticket has been closed’ emails should have a ‘Thank you’ link. Even if it does absolutely nothing. Not being able to say thank you is making my bones itch.

Just when I thought I could no longer be surprised by a bad take on statues of slavers…

New flash fiction: ‘The Magic Passageway’, a story about (not) escaping lockdown

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