I've said this before and I'll say it again.

The fedi is just a racist place.

Sure, people have the right buzz words in their bios and all that but it's been three years and the fedi still has the same virulently racist problem it had when I first set up PV.

People say the right things in public but they conspire behind the scenes to harass Black/Brown folks.

And it's not GAB centric people. It's your friends, your mutuals, your faves.

That's why nothing is being done about it.

The fedi is a racist place not because its hard to root out racism. It's been pretty easy to identify where the centers are coming from.

The fedi is racist because it wants to be racist.

It's not rocket science. It just is what it is.

People in the fedi like being hateful, angry and bigoted. It's just simple math.

The fedi itself is microcosm of Western society and it's unrelenting patience it has for violent hate and bigotry.

It's still here because people like it.

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Those communicating in Japanese (quite a lot), Arabic or Kiswahili are likely to have a different perspective.

It would be better to see some collaboration to build networks, infrastructure with like-minded people and avoid the wasteful complaints about racialists. There are bigger fish to fry.


Afraid see. I'd prefer to some content about like-minded people on different fediverse servers, ignore all else. E.g. seeing societal.co (societal.co/explore), waiting to find similar content, servers administered from Lagos, Nairobi, KwaZulu Natal, etc..

Actually, consider the suggestions good for you. A far better legacy than commentary about ignorant people. There is plenty life beyond Amerikkka!

@mastodonr Ha, that's ironic coming from a person who makes the passive aggressive assumption that my efforts are limited to talking on the fedi and that I am not aware or contributing to efforts outside of it.

You have no idea who you are talking to so calling someone 'ignorant' based on your own is quite funny to me.


Referring to "racists" amongst the fediverse as ignorant, for clarification.

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