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@Frankwii @Reddish ojalá diéramos esas cosas sinceramente me molesta un montón que ni nos hayan mencionado las matemáticas mesopotámicas

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@Reddish 🤔

Sello cilíndrico de Sharkalisharri 

@Reddish ostia y te hacen estudiar prehistoria???
yo estoy en primero de historia en zaragoza

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@Reddish que estudias?

Sello cilíndrico de Sharkalisharri 

@Reddish yo tengo examen de Mesopotamia el día 1

por fin he terminado el libro de clase y madre mia qué señor más plasta el autor

@matin no Martín es porque bender en Inglaterra significa maricon


I just hope that by march/April things get a bit better so I can go see Mimi I can't stand being so far

@ZeinVexx he doesn't talk at all which put me off a bit at first but I much prefer it that way it's just the pleasure of watching someone skilled work and explain their work that I find truly beautiful

being a Brit made watching atla much harder

I found a YouTube channel that restores old consoles and other random stuff today and it's both absolutely fascinating and extremely calming

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