It's strange 🤔 how many people still trust Zuckbook and Google

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Abortion is a human right.
For everyone. Everywhere.
We will never stop fighting.
#BansOffOurBodies #AbortionIsEssential #MyBodyMyRights
Nothing is scarier than a world without human rights
Protect the right to peaceful protest
#Anonymous Оperation Jane.

What's all the fuzz about the nothing phone

Can you trust a Chinese program like Deepin ?

Took a glimp on Gab for a week, freedom of speech is one thing, but pure racism and hate against LBGT+ is just not freedom of speech. Al those Gab users are republican trumpets, with their brains 50 years back in time

@aral Vatican has no worries for abort they only abuse boys

Why is it so common to have a gun in the USA🤔

Look at this Putin.

Heart breaking footage of cute little Ukrainian boy crying near Poland border

Captured Russian soldiers telling their families the truth. Please share so more can see what is really going on.

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