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If there was an Animal Olympics, ducks would probably win. While ducks aren’t good at walking, swimming, or flying, they are one of the very few animals that can do all three.

Among Us 

I got the fastest victory I got ever in a game, when the Impostor disconnected themselves right at the start! :pika:

I wonder what the name of "Pakistan's No. 1 Singer" is...
(I can't read his signature)

my pronouns are they/them...

or in my accent, dey/dem

the only reason i got an android device is i can get any app without asking for my parents' permission (everyone else in my family uses apple devices)


My trip in the mountains is ending, I am currently in the car, coming back to my home in Lahore.

It was a quite confusing, but still fun one! But I don't want to come back soon. I need lots of time back home...

At Tuesday, I should be back at school. And I don't mean online school. I mean actually going to and studying at the campus (with safety precautions, of course). I'm excited, simply because at school there are lots of opportunities to come out!

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What if we stole a private island from a rich asshole and shove all the assholes there, make them into a separate country with whatever government system they choose and cut them off the rest of the world just so they stop bothering us.

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I have 25 different extensions enabled, plus a couple userscripts running on every page. Wonder how much it's costing me in page render speeds

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@esvrld ugh, gender's still going? can they just stop making more of it, it was never funny or good to begin with

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in america there are pizza huts in target???????

Things I did do today instrad of climbing a mountain:
- Going on a small zipline
- Shooting balloons
- Riding a horse
Personally, I think the horse part was the best, followed closely by the zipline!

Day 4:
Oh noes! I missed climbing the mountain because I didn't wake up at 5 AM. But my cousin did force me to stay up until midnight...

These are three of the pictures I took of Lake Samandar Katha! (And the river next to it.)

My mobile data's crappy right now so I can't post photos. But I will later :)

On the way to the lake (or river?) on a REALLLY bumpy road and we just passed by a school club's cricket ground. And my brother and cousin are saying it's a river with no water...

weird crap

Much easier to see Azad Kashmir too, because the mountain's further east :)

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