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uninteresting anecdote. wait that's an oxymoron 

currently taking online school because i overslept

post du jaroj mi relernas esperanton ... mi sentiĝas bona

After a long time, I'm back on the fediverse

Friday Night Funkin' is probably the most popular FOSS game yet

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#FediverseMetrics 2021 #MastoPoll. To all #Mastodon / #Fediverse users:

On which continent/region are you?
Sur quel continent êtes-vous ?
Auf welchem Kontinent sind Sie?
¿En qué continente estás?
Em que continente você está?
في أي قارة أنت؟
На каком вы континенте?
In quale continente ti trovi?
Na jakim jesteś kontynencie?
आप किस महाद्वीप पर हैं?
Je! Uko bara gani?
در کدام قاره هستید؟
어느 대륙에 있습니까?
Sur kiu kontinento vi estas?

#Poll #Vote #FediPoll #MastodonPolls

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weird het stuff, t-slur 

The "straight" men who are attracted to a fem person at first but then get disgusted when they realise they're a "tr*p"... I feel like they're bisexuals in denial.

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today is the only time the date reads 22/2/22 in a hundred years boost this toot for good luck

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